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Parents run 4-H meeting

December 1, 1999

The monthly meeting of the Friendship Valley 4-H club was Nov. 8 at the Lansing 4-H building. Club members' parents exchanged places with their children and ran the meeting.

Dayle Reynolds, mother of President Tom Reynolds, opened the meeting. Denise Butter led the flag salutes. Secretary Todd Mowery's mom, Michelle, took roll among 19 members who answered with "my favorite Thanksgiving food."

Trey Lohman's dad, Terry, gave the report. Debbie Buddish gave the treasurer's report and county council report for her son, Zach.

The club has adopted a family for Christmas and will donate food and other items to them for the holidays.

It was decided to have a Christmas party at the December meeting, with a gift exchange. Everyone brought snacks to share. The club voted to do a holiday small animal exhibit at a church in December for a fund raiser and community service.

The program was provided by Karol Lohman who gave a talk and demonstration on photography, and by Denise Butler who gave a talk on the origins of 4-H.

Dayle Reynolds gave a safety demonstration on having and using a home fire extinguisher

November Birthdays celebrated were those of Debbie and Anna Buddish, and Kody Heskett. Brian Mowery led the club in singing the Birthday song.

The Jeff Hegwald family provided treats.

The club's next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Dec. 13 at the Lansing 4-H building. Anyone interested in 4-H is invited.

Submitted by Trey Lohman, reporter

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