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Pets provide companionship

December 1, 1999

Oh yes, Aunt Nories was in last week, all about Dorothy's dolls and wagon wheel rugs. Thanks loads, Lisa, for that great picture of the dolls.

This special request: "Aunt Norie why don't you write about us old folks and our pets and what they mean to us? This is from Frank and Elvira Rice, a great couple still very much in love after 53 years. They have the most well-behaved and trained pair of cats.

"Old Fred, he hears you he understands, obeys commands." "Our house is never empty, always a friend waiting for you." Then Frank's "Look around you, old folks with pets live longer."

Thanks so much. You inspired me to visit my neighbors with pets, and look what I found.

Sophia Perkins has Puddin', a happy little cockapoo.

"Only three months old and weighed three pounds, that was 13 years ago. Gets me out walking every day so much company. I love her."

Alma Goodwin has Old Bo. "He talks to me, he listens, he knows what I'm saying." Bo sleeps on his own pillow on the floor. Puddin', his neighbor, can share it with him but no one else. Alma also has two of the most educated parakeets I've ever met. They begin her day with, "good morning, rise and shine" and end the day with "good night, sweet dreams."

Jean Ramsey's Susie, a 3-year-old shiatsu, a very lively companion, and real friend. Jean suffered from depression some time back; her doctors orders were to get a pet. "One of the best things I've ever done. Always waiting for me to come home, a real good listener."

Mary Lou Shindley has Bobbie, short for Bob-Cat. "Or my cat has me, you can own a dog, but a cat owns you. I love having him, he's great company," Mary said with a laugh.

Mary Currie has Mr. Kitty. Black with white feet. He's 5 years old. "He's my little friend."

Agnes Kissinger has Peanut, a dachshund, 13 years old now. "Oh I love her, she means a lot to me," she said, adding "she's my buddy."

Ed Lyons has Midnight, a Pomeranian. Midnight is actually still a pup.

"A constant source of entertainment, his favorite toy, a mouse, gets a lot of attention. Carries off my shoes there goes one now. Oh my house would be empty without him."

Like the picture of the small, forlorn, tear-streaked face of a 0child hugging a puppy with the quotation, "He listens to me."

We all need to spend more time listening, especially to the children.

Still time for those handmade, and so treasured, gifts from fabric, yarn, etc., that you already have on hand.

Scarves, aprons, napkins, linens, a small pin cushion atop a wooden spool. After all our friends today why not a special pet for that special friend, a puppy for a small child.

Greet and meet a stranger today, make a new friend. Love and God bless you all. Aunt Norie, P. O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086-0265.

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