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Reno Bobwhite 4-H Club members earn awards

December 1, 1999

Several awards were given to members of the Reno Bobwhite 4-H Club at the annual Leavenworth County 4-H Achievement Night on Oct. 30 at the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth.

Reno Bobwhite 4-H Club earned a purple seal award for the club and the 4-H Safety Award for the safety camp they held during the past summer. Michael Barnes received a jacket for earning the Most Distinguished County Camp Counselor Award. Barnes also earned the Key Award and the Leavenworth County Leadership Scholarship award of $250.

For completion of their record books and a variety of other activities, these 29 members earned achievement pins: Nicole Allen, Elisabeth Barnes, Abe Jacobs, Leanne Milleret, Benjamin Reynolds and Erin Sours, membership pins; Anthony Lutz, Matthew Lutz, Patrick Monahan, Sara Ratliff and Emily Stoker, bronze pins; Hannah Barnes, Courtenay DeHoff and Broc Wood, clover pins; Kirsten Baggett, Jason Miles, Pamela Milleret and Jesse Sours, emerald pins; Kalila Dalton, Tabitha Jacobs and Erin Wood, silver pins. Laura Barnes and Erin Drozinski, silver guards; Becky Baggett, Jennifer McCue and Layci Sours, junior leader pins; and Alyson Baggett and David Barnes, gold pins.

Awards in the Junior Division (12 and younger): agricultural, Courtenay DeHoff and Erin Drozinski; crafts, Broc Wood and Erin Drozinski; sketching, drawing and painting, Hannah Barnes, Broc Wood, Becky Baggett, Patrick Monahan and Jason Miles; fabrics and fibers, Erin Drozinski; stitchery, Pamela Milleret; beef, Courtenay DeHoff; bicycle, Pamela Milleret; bucket calf, Anthony Lutz; clothing, Tabitha Jacobs, Jennifer McCue and Broc Wood; crochet, Tabitha Jacobs and Emily Stoker; dairy, Jennifer McCue, Broc Wood and Tabitha Jacobs; dog care and training, Jason Miles and Anthony Lutz; electric, Abe Jacobs; entomology, Kirsten Baggett; foods and nutrition, Jennifer McCue, Erin Sours, Tabitha Jacobs, Hanna Barnes, Broc Wood and Elisabeth Barnes; forestry, Laura Barnes and Hannah Barnes; goats, Jennifer McCue, Erin Drozinski and Kirsten Baggett; home environment, Erin Drozinski; horse, Jason Miles; knitting, Laura Barnes and Tabitha Jacobs; leadership, Jennifer McCue; pets, Jennifer McCue, Becky Baggett and Kirsten Baggett; photography, Becky Baggett and Matthew Lutz; plant science, Jennifer McCue, Tabitha Jacobs and Becky Baggett; poultry, Erin Drozinski, Emily Stoker and Anthony Lutz; rabbits, Erin Drozinski; rocketry, Jason Miles; shooting sports, Tabitha Jacobs; and wildlife, Laura Barnes and Jesse Sours.

Awards in the Senior Division (13 and older): agricultural; Erin Wood and Caleb Jacobs; arts, Erin Wood, Lucas McCue, Alyson Baggett and Michael Barnes; beef, Layci Sours; dairy, Lucas McCue, Erin Wood and Caleb Jacobs; dog care and training, David Barnes; electric, Caleb Jacobs; energy management, Caleb Jacobs; entomology, Alyson Baggett; foods and nutrition, Lucas McCue and Erin Wood; forestry, David Barnes; goats, Lucas McCue and Cathy James; home environment, Alyson Baggett; leadership, Michael Barnes, Lucas McCue, Alyson Baggett and David Barnes; pets, Alyson Baggett and Erin Wood; photography, Michael Barnes, David Barnes and Alyson Baggett; plant science, Lucas McCue, Alyson Baggett and Erin Wood; rabbits, Cathy James; reading, Erin Wood; rocketry, Alyson Baggett; shooting sports, Caleb Jacobs and Cathy James; wildlife, David Barnes.

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