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December 8, 1999

Only 99 years

To the editor:
I am pleased to see the opinion of another about the time of the turn of the century. There are 100 years in a century, not 99. Everything begins with "1." Hence the beginning of the next century will be 2001 not 2000.

Aileen Seeman
22207 155th St.

Lift the tax sunset

To the editor:
The county commission is being asked to ask the voters to lift the 10-year sunset on the countywide sales tax.

After serving three years on the county commission, I realize the county must increase expenditures to meet increasing service requirements and fund road and bridge maintenance and improvements. The county commission has deferred road and bridge maintenance and improvements because the only way to pay for them is significant property tax increases and no one wants to pay higher property taxes. If the countywide sales tax sunset was lifted and the Justice Center bonds extended, the county could use sales tax revenues to fund many of the road and bridge maintenance and improvement projects that are needed.

The sales tax is the only alternative to property tax increases. That is why Leavenworth, Tonganoxie, Basehor and Lansing voters approved local sales taxes that do not sunset. The county commission should ask voters to lift the countywide sales tax sunset so Leavenworth County can use sales tax revenues to reduce their need to raise property taxes. Let the voters decide if they prefer a 1 percent sales tax or increasing property taxes. I trust the voter's judgments. Commissioner's Adams and Navinsky should also. The only fair tax is sales tax.

Wayne Eldridge
Third District commissioner
13944 Mitchels Court

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