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New commercial and residential development set for Stone Creek

December 8, 1999

When Art Hancock, Jack Willis and Mark Himpel closed on a 136-acre land deal early last January, they knew it was a good piece of ground.

"I'd been looking at that land for years," Hancock said.

Both residential and commercial development are planned in eight phases that Hancock said probably would be completed in six to eight years.

The sewer and water lines are in, and the streets have been graded for the project's first phase, Hancock said. Pavement will be next.

"We're at the point now where we need to get something done or the weather's going to catch us," Hancock said.

He anticipated that streets would be constructed during the next two weeks, weather permitting.

The Stone Creek addition is east of Tonganoxie's water tower on the north side of U.S. Highway 24-40. It has about 2,300 feet of frontage along the highway.

Before construction can begin, a 15-inch sewer line must be run to the new addition. The line will run beneath the highway and connect to the city's sewer system. A right-turn lane from the highway also is needed.

Phase one will include lots for 40 duplex units and 30 single-family residences, Hancock said.

"We have a list of people, mainly builders, waiting for lots," Hancock said. "It's just a matter of getting things done first."

Included in long-term plans, as needed, is the development of six to eight commercial lots along the high-

way. Phase two will include space for 40 to 50 single-family residences.

Stone Creek rules specify that homes must be a minimum 1,300 square feet, prohibit overnight parking on the street and forbid the parking of recreational vehicles. Houses can have no front-yard fencing and 25 percent of the building fronts must be masonry. Sod must be laid on front and side yards, and homes must have two-car garages.

The area will include land in a low-lying area that Hancock said may be given to the city for a park and walking trails.

Hancock said he is optimistic about the development's future.

"This land has a lot of visibility," he said. "You've got 8,000 to 9,000 cars going down this highway every day. I foresee that people who are driving by will see it and will like it and will tell their friends."

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