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Open meetings probe important

December 8, 1999

Allegations that two Leavenworth County commissioners violated the Kansas Open Meetings Act should be thoroughly investigated.

A fair and honest look at the allegations by Leavenworth County Commissioner Wayne Eldridge is in the best interest of all involved. Rumor and innuendo serve no one.

Leavenworth County Attorney Frank Kohl said last week that he forwarded Eldridge's allegations to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which already is examining conflicts in statements that commissioners made in other legal matters.

More than lip service should be given to this matter. Allegations that two elected officials are conducting the public's business in private are serious business.

The two commissioners targeted by Eldridge Bob Adams and Don Navinsky deny they violated the open meetings laws. They and the citizens of Leavenworth County should welcome a complete airing of the matter.

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