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Secrets to saving money on doll clothes

December 8, 1999

I've always called them "those over-the-shoulder" remarks, those bits of conversation of other folks, in a crowd, walking, shopping. Yesterday a young mother, shopping, to a companion, said, "Look at these little dresses, these prices and not enough material in them to make a pillow case."

I recalled their remarks as I, a short time later, in the Barbie doll aisle, said, "Wow, $4.88 for that small dress, and $7 for the other one."

No wonder Lynda answered, "Oh, just make them (for my two small granddaughters) some Barbie doll clothes."

Some of them didn't have enough fabric to cover the palm of your hand. I decided I'd save a lot of time and just purchase a Barbie doll pattern. It helped when the salesclerk said the patterns were all half-price, $4.48. Of course, we don't consider the cost of labor. It takes a lot of time on those tedious little seams. Oh yes I'm making doll clothes, and really enjoying it, too.

I found more beautiful buttons in amongst tiny handmade yo-yos and crocheted rosebuds, on the shirt pocket flaps and collar of a friend, so very attractive and eye-catching. I asked, "Now you made and did that all by yourself, didn't you?"

Joyce Bitler answered, "Yes, all but the crocheted roses, I don't crochet. I found those in the craft supplies."

One can so quickly add that personal touch. It looked so nice. Thanks Joyce, for sharing.

So, when you need to make a fringe, a quick and easy form can be made from a wire clothes hanger, just cut the bottom crossbar into it and reshape the upper portion so that the sides are vertical and the right distance apart. Poke the two ends into a cardboard tube, use the roller from the bottom of a pants hanger, or from the tissue roll. You can even stitch the fringe on the sewing machine while still on your homemade frame.

When you let another person go ahead of you in the checkout line, or in the traffic, especially, in the traffic and when they respond with that friendly smile or wave, it really gives one a lift, don't you think?

Back to my needles and thread now, and to those precious little doll clothes. Love, Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086-0265.

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