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School foundation can fill some gaps

December 15, 1999

The Tonganoxie Education Foundation soon will increase its holdings by 200 percent. And that's potentially good news for children and employees of our school district.

The foundation, which soon will include more than $300,000, was designed to provide funds for mini-grants for classroom teachers and administrators, and for districtwide projects aimed at enhancing students' education. In addition, the foundation serves as an umbrella organization that manages existing and future college scholarships.

As the gap between state funding for local education and the cost of that education increases, the foundation will become even more important. Through the foundation, citizens can provide money to bolster our children's educational opportunities both in our school system and at a college or university.

If a teacher would like to undertake an intensive study of a topic, the foundation could help. If a student is a prime candidate for college, but cannot afford tuition, the foundation could help.

The foundation, incorporated in 1998, serves as the vehicle to help fill the chasm between educational funding and educational needs. Granted, money isn't the answer to all problems in education. But we would be remiss if we didn't provide funds to those staff members and students who will work hard to improve our schools and themselves.

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