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Tonganoxie man still at medical center

December 15, 1999

Mike Waters, 31, injured in an automobile accident on Nov. 21, has been upgraded to serious but stable condition at the University of Kansas Medical Center, his father said.

"He's basically in the same condition," Arden Waters said. "He's more or less still in the same comatose state, but he is a little bit more mobile, making some faces, moving his mouth. But at least nothing's deteriorated."

Waters, hurt in an accident on U.S. Highway 24-40, is breathing on his own, but remains on a respirator to keep him from getting too tired, his father said.

At this point, Waters is somewhat responsive to family members during their visits to the medical center in Kansas City, Kan., Arden Waters said.

"When his mother talks to him, he reacts to her voice. He'll squeeze her hand if she gets down and talks in his ear and tells him to," Waters said. "So we are getting some response, but then when we talk to the doctors and ask if that's a good sign, they don't seem to act like that's anything to get your hopes up on."

It's a waiting game, Waters said.

"The doctors say when he wakes up we'll know what to expect," Waters said. "But even if he wakes up today, he's still going to have to have a lot of rehabilitation, probably six months or more."

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