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Alaska man is on the hunt for pool cue for friend

December 22, 1999

Last week, Mike Travers, Fairbanks, Alaska, called The Mirror to find out if he could obtain a meaningful gift for his friend, Fred Duncanson, a former resident of Tonganoxie.

Travers said he is searching for a pool cue that was won by Duncanson's brother, Ralph, in 1935 at Johnson pool hall, Tonganoxie. The cue, he said, was engraved with the name "Duncanson."

"That pool stick went into a drawer at the pool hall and, as far as I know, it stayed there until the pool hall was sold," said Travers, who incidentally, has never been to Tonganoxie.

Travers said he had contacted later owners of the pool hall and others in Tonganoxie who he thought might know the whereabouts of the pool cue.

He would like to have the cue to give to Fred Duncanson, whose brother Ralph is no longer living.

"It's just sentimental value," he said. "He's a very good pool player and he remembers this stick that his brother won when he used to play pool in the pool hall in Tonganoxie. It would help to keep him connected to his hometown."

Duncanson graduated from Tonganoxie High School in 1947.

Travers said he has known Duncanson for four years, ever since they met in a pool hall.

"They were looking for a fifth player for their team and I said I'd do it and I didn't even know how to play pool," Travers said. "Since then, Fred has taught me everything that I know."

Anyone who knows the location of the pool cue is asked to call Travers at (907) 457-7221.

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