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Cooperative effort should be applauded

December 22, 1999

The Tonganoxie Police Department and Officer John Putthoff in particular should be commended for taking a proactive approach toward trying to ensure our schools are safe.

Local school officials, too, should be lauded for their cooperative attitude toward police in this matter.

Two weeks ago, a junior high school student was suspended, after threatening a teacher.

Last week, Putthoff and Darren Neas, vice principal at Tonganoxie High School, told city council members that they don't want to make light of threats against teachers or students. Now, operating on direction from council members, the two will develop guidelines and establish a committee to ensure the community takes a proactive approach to future problems.

As city council member Kathy Graveman said, Tonganoxie may be a small town, but the "it is not going to happen here" mentality is dangerous.

Putthoff emphasized that most local students are good kids. Perhaps his increased presence in schools a practice that's been employed in other towns will help other students see the benefits of being good kids. Putthoff doesn't plan to employ any heavy-handed techniques. He's interested in getting to know students, hearing about their concerns and, perhaps, teaching them some tips on safety.

Our hats are off to the council for reacting favorably to this solid idea.

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