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Letters to the Editor

December 29, 1999

Music teachers deserve praise
To the editor:

After having attended the music program at the Tonganoxie High School on Dec. 16, I felt compelled to write this letter. I want everyone who reads this letter to join me in sharing my enthusiasm and showing support for the two teachers responsible for this program.

Mr. Gordon Lankenau and Mr. Charles VanMiddlesworth are hard at work building a music department of which we should all be very proud. The music department is buzzing with activity, and all the hard work definitely shows.

Read your school calendar and attend future concerts; support the fund-raising efforts currently under way to help finance a trip being planned; make plans to attend the benefit dinner/concert on Jan. 28 when the Heart of America Barbershop Chorus will perform; attend a home basketball game and feel the atmosphere created by a live band; and, most of all, just let these teachers know you have noticed what's going on.

It's worth your time to attend a concert just to observe first-hand the support these teachers have from the students. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I hope we all let Mr. Lankenau and Mr. VanMiddlesworth know how very much Tonganoxie appreciates their efforts and good work.

Kathy Underwood,

It is the public's business
To the editor:

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a city councilman about hiring a new police chief I told him, in my opinion, they should consider someone local, rather than outside Tonganoxie or Leavenworth County. This councilman said he was not at liberty to discuss the matter, and I can respect that. However, he then informed me that it was "none of the public's business." I was speechless. Somehow I have always lived under the apparently misguided understanding that as a citizen and taxpayer it certainly IS the public's business. Gee, I guess I've been wrong all these years!

Kent Wilson,

Beautiful voices
To the editor:

Jarbalo is a small settlement north of Tonganoxie and has been the butt of many jokes over the years like the "jar below" story. But last week, when the Barnett family went around Christmas caroling, this little town was on top of the world. What a blessing to hear their beautiful singing; and it was beautiful. Thank you, Thamar, for giving back to the people who helped you raise your big family. God bless us everyone.

Mildred Kirby,

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