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It’s crash, rumble and roar on Fourth Street

November 3, 1999

As soon as the sidewalks are completely torn out on the south side of Fourth Street between Bury and Delaware streets this week, new curbs will be formed and poured, and the electrical contractor will begin installing new electrical lines for light poles, according to City Administrator Chris Eppley.

"I have to say it is a terrifying experience to see heavy equipment tearing up our sidewalks. It has made my heart jump several times as I stood there watching," Eppley said.

He said workers have uncovered several chasms under the sidewalks which had to be filled and compacted before work could proceed, however.
"No one knows what they are or why they're there. They may have been old coal shutes or storage spaces, but one, up by Evans Real Estate, was 40 feet long and seven feet deep. They slow things down," he said.

Eppley said if the new sidewalks can't be replaced before the weekend, temporary access to the businesses affected will be created by placing washed, compacted rock walkways up to the doors.

"We'll avoid that if at all possible, but we'll deal with it the best way we can," he said.

Eppley said the original plan called for starting on sidewalk replacement at Green Street and working east to Bury Street. However, storm drain replacement was called for in that area, and some of the necessary equipment had to be ordered, placing the work there on hold. Because of that, the project moved down a block to work on sidewalks and curbs, he said

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