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American education deserving of thanks

November 17, 1999

This is American Education Week. It is one of those all-too-rare occasions when we should stop to think about the contributions our schools make to our society, every day. This year's slogan is "Today's students, tomorrow's leaders."

In Tonganoxie, certainly, our schools are one of the cornerposts of our community.

Our schools involve our children every day in learning and extracurricular activities. Our children's teachers are also their coaches, their friends, their counselors and their guides. Our kids are learning not only their ABC's but also, by example, so much more.

We know, just by hearing all the comments from our readers, about school stories and photographs, how popular the schools are within our community.

And in this day and age, in many communities, schools are the only source of guidance and social structure some children can hope to receive. Coming from less than ideal homes where no one notices, they can turn to teachers for caring and wisdom they cannot seek elsewhere.

Children whose parents do not teach them right from wrong may, if they're lucky, be enrolled in schools where teachers stress those lessons by example.

Imagine our society without our schools. It wouldn't be the same place. That which is good might not even exist. A lot of kids would never even stand a chance.

That's what education is about, in the end. A chance. We need to be appreciative of that chance and recognize it for what it means.

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