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Concrete plant owner drops zoning request

November 17, 1999

The Tonganoxie City Council will not consider a rezoning request to permit construction of a concrete plant in Tonganoxie at its next regular meeting.

City planner Linda Zacher said she received a phone call from Gene Meier, one of three owners of Meier Ready Mix of Topeka. He told her the company will not pursue the matter, following the city planning commission's unanimous vote to recommend denial of the request at its last meeting.

Meier had submitted a request to rezone property at 628 Laming Road, from I-2 for industrial use to I-3 permitting heavy industrial use.

Zacher had submitted a favorable report for the request, citing access to U.S. Highway 24-40, existing industrial zoning and characteristics of the surrounding land as acceptable for the proposed use.

A primary opponent to the request was county resident Don Huebner, whose home is located across the road from the site being considered. He said the plant would be built at the city's front door, and warned that other uses permitted by I-3 included auto salvage yards, animal rendering plants and hazardous waste storage facilities.

Meier told the group his other plants were welcomed by the municipalities where they were located and made good neighbors. He said growth and development necessitate nearby concrete plants.

"I think it was his feeling that it wouldn't be worth the trouble to take this to the city council," Zacher said. "With the planning commission's unanimous decision against the rezoning, it was unlikely the council would overrule that, anyway."

She said Meier is still seeking a site in Tonganoxie, in hopes of finding something more acceptable to residents and government alike. I know of several other sites that might prove more accomodating," she said.

"He still wants to build a plant here, and I don't think there's any doubt that if he doesn't, sooner or later, someone will," she said. "It's coming, one way or another."

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