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Local lady swept up by dolls

November 17, 1999

Have you seen the 'Cry-Baby' dolls, so popular a year or so ago?

Dorothy Stewart wants to share with us a doll that also faces the wall. It has a loop on the face, (a face that just is not there) with which to hang it on the wall, a curtain or even on the Christmas tree.

The base of the doll is actually a small whisk-type broom used in craft decorations. Hers is 15 inches tall. It only takes a bit of fabric, lace and ribbon with the broom. The bristles of the broom are divided in the center, pulled apart and tied off to form the two legs, which are covered with lace, to form pantaloons. The doll has no arms but appears to have. It's quite clever , really.

Dorothy makes them as a seasonal decoration, in colors to match the season. L. K. has one in green she plans to hang and use in her St. Patrick's decorations.

I was reminded of an old war slogan, "Use it up, make it do, or do without," as I watched a young woman dressed as an old pioneer woman.

She was weaving a rug over a wagon wheel. She explained how the pioneers had to leave behind their large floor looms and supplies. They came up with a way of using the spare wagon wheel to form a base for weaving; of course the rugs had to be round circles or half circles. Again we are reminded, "where there's a will, there's a way."

Let a small child know you respect his or her ideas; that they count, very much. Just five weeks until Christmas. Oh dear, am I gonna be ready -. Bye now Aunt Norie P. O. Box 265 Tonganoxie, KS 66086-0265.

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