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Steve Skeet was on Walker, Texas Ranger, but his line was cut

November 17, 1999

"That ride was awesome," was what Steve Skeet, Tonganoxie, was supposed to say in Saturday night's episode of Walker Texas Ranger, titled "Widow Maker."

Skeet was on the show even though his line was cut. He was wearing a colorless shirt and tan hat. Skeet said you could hardly tell that it was him. But, he WAS on there.

Skeet was supposed to turn to Steve Kanaly, who played Ray Krebbs on "Dallas" from 1978-88, and say his line. Skeet was caddy corner from Chuck Norris.

"After the show, I received so many phone calls from people asking if I was on there," Skeet said. "I was maybe on there for five to ten seconds."

He had already been paid $150 for being a close-up extra. Skeet only spent about $50 to make the trip down to Texas.

"Watching the show was exciting because I could see how everything went," he said.

Skeet said everything looked real. Norris never actually touched the bull. In the episode, he was smothered by the bull while they were still in the bull-pen. The bull was really a man wrapped up in brown fur.

Skeet is excited now that this first episode is out of the way to make future appearances.

"They will call my agent," he said. "They have expressed interest."

Extras make $50 a line, Skeet said.

In the near future, Skeet plans to audition the second week of December for "Touched by an Angel." The base pay for cast members is $25,000.

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