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Making pillow from T-shirts

November 24, 1999

I certainly want to thank Helen Norman for sharing this great idea with us today. She said it's been a real hit in her family. She makes soft puffy pillows from souvenir T-shirts. Just spread the T-shirt flat on the table, mark and pin the hem edges, the neck and sleeves then stitch them shut, leaving a small opening through which to push the stuffing into the new pillow. If the sleeves are long I guess they could be shortened to suit.

What a neat idea, Helen. Little ones make a great quilt block, also, especially the heavier fleecy ones, I just never thought of a pillow. I guess one could make the sleeves very short or sew them shut and eliminate them altogether.

A snag can quickly become a hole in any sweater, so watch for them. If the yarn is not broken just pull the snag through to the wrong side. However, if the yarn strand is broken, with a needle and double strand of thread, (knotted), catch the knitted loop that's trying to run, then run the needle through the two strands of thread, gently ease the yarns back into place and secure. If however, it has broken and become a hole, use a small piece of net on the wrong side as a patch, this will give you a good firm foundation for darning the hole.

Always do all your basting with a contrasting thread light on dark, dark on light which will make it easier to ensure you've removed all of the basting threads. A crochet hook is a handy tool to catch and pull those basting threads out.

Happy sewing, God Bless you all, Love, Aunt Norie, P. O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086-0265.

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