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Now we’re really talking turkey

November 24, 1999

Many cooks will be sweating out a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.

So in hopes of providing help to those frazzled men and women, The Mirror's news editor, Lisa Stevens John, visited with some Tonganoxie Elementary School first-graders to collect their words of wisdom about the best way to cook a turkey.

Here's her report, along with the photographs she made of the would-be cooks.

Vinnie Angell

First you stick it with a needle thing (but it's not sharp on the end). Squirt juice (I don't know what kind) into it. The red round thing tells you the temperature. Cook 45 minutes.

Jana Herbert

Put it in the oven. Bake it 6 minutes.
Take off the feathers.

Kayla Jackson

You probably kill the turkey first, then you probably pick it up so you can put it in the oven.
Then you cook it four minutes. Then it's done. You can eat it.

Darienne Pratt

Get the turkey in the woods. Put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Take the feathers off. Eat it.

Justin Soetaert

Put the turkey in the oven. Chop
him up. Give my brother some. Give my sister some. I eat what's left.

Hank Somers

I'd put it in some water without the feathers. Turn the stove on. Cook it for four minutes. Then I'm going to eat it.

Holly Demaranville

You kill it then you put it in the oven. Oops! Take the feathers off first. Take it out after it is done in about three hours. You eat it.

Samuel Denholm

First, Mom puts it in the pan. Then, we eat it after Mom cooks it only 10 hours.

Torrie Evans

First go get it in the woods. Then shoot it. Cook it one hour.

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