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Is everybody ready?

Tonganoxie’s Fourth Street improvement project, about to get underway, will benefit from a positive outlook during the inevitable inconveniences.

October 13, 1999

Is everybody ready? Tonganoxie's downtown improvement project is just about ready to take off. Funding is in place, and bids have been received, with a recommendation for approval made to the Tonganoxie City Council at the Monday night meeting.

With luck and good weather the project will get underway this fall, to be ready for enjoyment by all next spring when the sun returns and everyone comes back outside.

There will be inconveniences and adjustments to be made, during the process. People will no doubt grumble about the mess and the changes, initially.

But it has been our experience that you can't bake a cake without breaking a few eggs.

We ask everyone for patience and a little forbearance, as the project gets underway, and hope everyone else is as excited as we are.
We also hope this improvement to our downtown will bring out some programs, plans and a little togetherness among our neighbors, friends and civic groups. Could Friday evening concerts downtown be a possibility? What about cook-offs, club presentations, art shows, used book sales and other great possibilities?

Might it be worth someone's while to investigate what other small towns with charming main streets do for entertainment and fun? Could we look back in history and see what Tonganoxie used to do downtown for a good time? We've noticed Billie Aye's column in The Mirror, "Remember When," mentions a lot of good times that were had by all, downtown.

From our fascinating vista right in the middle of town on Fourth Street, we watch the constantly busy traffic, both car and pedestrian, and notice how everyone stops to chat at lunchtime all up and down the street. This is not a dull or deserted place by any means.

We've got a great place here, and we think it's about to get even better. Let's take advantage of it, and have a good time doing it. See you downtown!

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