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Very soon, my time is coming (back)

October 13, 1999

It is coming, and I can't wait. Daylight Savings Time will conclude at the end of this month, and I will at long last regain the hour they took from me last spring. My mind is full of the things I might do with that hour, even though I know, deep in my heart of hearts, I will probably end up sleeping through it.

And that's okay! I have missed that hour since spring, blaming the dark circles under my eyes on it, blaming my foggy afternoon brain on it, blaming my unnatural desire for naps on it.

Not one morning has gone by, during Daylight Savings Time, that I haven't looked at the clock in the dark of morning, thinking, it's not really 6 a.m., it's only 5 a.m. and that's why my brain is refusing to engage. I grudgingly arise from my bed with my body protesting.
I have blamed that lost hour for the dust on my bookshelves, my messy back seat and my dogs' need for baths. I have blamed my children's lack of clean socks on it and the fact that I can't find my winter sweaters on it. I have blamed my poor filing system on it and my cluttered drawers on it. I have blamed the fact that I can't find one single functioning pen on my desktop on it, to show how far I stretch this little idiosyncrasy of mine.

I tell myself that once I get my hour back, life will miraculously change. Organization will return to my life, and I will perk up. (Not that I was ever organized or perky.)

Just think what you can do, on that one day, when you are given an extra hour, like a mysterious gift from the gods. Have you always wished you had an extra hour to play a game of tennis? That's your day. Always wished you had time to pick up a dictionary and look up all the words that have puzzled you? Pick the day Daylight Savings Time disappears.

I can't recommend that you learn Latin or read Camus, for obvious reasons, but you could take the time to eat lunch, if you don't ordinarily get to, or maybe spend some time talking with your spouse about fall plans to clean out the garage. Take an hour to do some healthy walking, for heaven's sakes.

There are a million things you can do with an extra hour, which is what we will be given. A 25-hour day is what it amounts to.

And what will I do, in reality? I'll wake up at my usual time, think, "Gee, I have an extra hour to sleep," and fall back into slumber, luxuriating in the thought that I have regained my stolen hour. I might not be further along in the organization business, the dogs won't have their baths and the kids still won't be able to find matching socks, but I'll have the personal satisfaction of getting back what was stolen from me last spring.

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