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City paves the way for downtown work

October 20, 1999

Tonganoxie's Fourth Street renovation project could begin as early as next Monday, replacing storm sewers and a portion of the sidewalk between Green St. and Bury St, according to Tonganoxie City Administrator Chris Eppley. Most of the work will be undertaken one block at a time, one side of the street at a time, starting at Green and working east.

The preconstruction conference, scheduled today, should result in immediate action, Eppley said. Bids were approved at the last council meeting. Low bidder was Bob Muehlberger Construction.

Initial action will be to remove a portion of the sidewalk, along with the storm sewers, and replace them. The remaining sidewalks will then be removed, on one side of the street at a time, and replaced.

Street lights would be done early in the process, while the streets are torn up.

Weather conditions will determine how soon the street surfaces can be replaced, after the sidewalks and curbs and gutters have been done, Eppley said.

The plan calls for improvements to be made one block at a time, with access for pedestrian and vehicle traffic available at all times.

"The contractor wants to use a large crew, so they can go at it fast," Eppley said. "We're looking at work on four-plus blocks, to be done in eight weeks, we hope."

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