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Eighth grade football undefeated for second consecutive season

October 27, 1999

Billy Baska is on the sidelines clamoring for the coaches to put him in and let him throw a pass.

It's the waning moments of the eighth grader's final junior high football game.

And, a funny thing happens to players when they're undefeated and winning by a large margin they think they can play any position on the field.

In Baska's case, he wanted to make the move from marquee running back to quarterback in the Warriors' final game of the season, a 30-0 win against Lansing last week.

The win capped an unblemished career for the team. They've won every game they played, a perfect 14-0 junior high record.

The Warriors led 22-0 at halftime.

Justin Walker and Joe Calovich both had fumble recoveries for touchdowns in the first quarter.

Baska scored the team's other first half touchdown on about a 40-yard touchdown run.

After muffing the second half kickoff, the team moved the ball 81 yards for the final score of the day.

Baska had long runs including a 63-yard carry on which he started left, cut back to the right running hard until he was tackled at the three-yard line.

So it was only natural that he wanted a few more touches even as the clock ran down on an insurmountable lead.

But it wasn't to be. Coaches John Barnes and Steve Harrell were busy giving everyone a chance to play.
"Red two offense," Barnes yelled in the fourth quarter.

And the second-string stepped onto the field to gain experience and run the clock down.
The Warrior also beat Lexington 46-6 in a defensive effort.

Luke McCarty recovered a fumble for a touchdown. He then recovered another fumble and blocked a punt, both setting up touchdowns.

"In the last two games, these young men displayed just a relentless defense," said John Barnes, eighth-grade football coach.

The eighth graders will replace a ninth grade class that finished 4-5 this year.

They hope to continue their unbeaten ways.

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