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Resident complains to council

October 27, 1999

After hearing a series of complaints from Calla McAlexander, 502 Church St. during the city council meeting Monday night, council members agreed to investigate those complaints and try to resolve differences where the city law would permit.

McAlexander said a leak in his water line had occurred when the city installed new meters and caused a coupling from the meter into his line to crack. That leak caused his water bills to run more than $100 per month for several months, he said. He objected to a charge on the water bill for use of the city's sewer lines when, he said, the water from the leak did not enter the sewer but ran into the ground.

Mayor John Franiuk told McAlexander the sewer charge could not be adjusted. "As long as that meter's turning, you're going to get that sewer charge," he said. "You get the same charge on that water if you water your lawn or drink it all."

McAlexander was also concerned that the city was estimating his water bill rather than reading his meter regularly. He said the estimated bills appeared to be based on readings taken when he had a large water leak, and not on his actual present-day readings, which, he said, were very small.

The mayor asked the city staff to get an accurate reading to help straighten out the problem.

McAlexander also objected to a $3 charge for income-earning property on his water bill Personal property is charged $2 per month for fire equipment and income-earning properties are charged $3 per month.

McAlexander said, although he had rental property, it was not rented now. He was asked to tell city hall to allow this matter to be straightened out. Council members agreed the policy needed to be clarified.

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