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A Community Review

September 29, 1999

10 years ago: October 4, 1989

TCHS Hears About Charley E. Brown Mr. Fred Leimkuhler presented the story about Charley E. Brown in a fascinating account of his life, Sept. 26 at the Tonganoxie Community Histor-ical Society in the Senior Center. (Mr. Leimkuhler was wearing a rose and white checked top jacket that belonged to Foy, Charley's son, and he told the interesting story of Charley, a great ventriloquist, and puppeteer!)
Deaths: John Lee Groshong, 43, Lenexa, passed away September 23, 1989; Edward R. Clevenger, 68, McLouth, passed away September 25, 1989.
Greetings from Quaker View (A long article told about Fred and Martha Leimkuhler, the log house on their property that was built by George and Loretta Needham around 1865, Mr. Leimkuhler's dulcimers, Mrs. Leimkuhler's quilts, his weaving, etc.) Article by Helen Schilling.
Jarbalo Jottings - A birthday picnic was held in the Gazebo in the Tonganoxie Park on Sunday for the birthdays of Steve Fitzwater, Paul Heskett, Connie Barnett and Ronnie Mooberry.
This week Tonganoxie Friends Meeting will celebrate the first anniversary of the reopening of the meeting house.

25 years ago: October 3, 1974

Death: A. Wm. Christensen, 49, Denver, Colorado, passed away September 27, 1974.
Births: A daughter, Wendy Jo, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calovich on September 22, 1974; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bowman of Kansas City, Kansas, announce the birth of a daughter, Kelly Michelle, September 25, 1974.
The end of an era is here, and the beginning of a new age is with us. The former Laming Garage is gone and now the old McKeehan Hotel is nothing but rubble. Rising out of the dust will be a commercial building owned by Gary Sturtridge and used for his businesses with additional space for others.
McLouth Delmar Hedge-parth, McLouth, was the owner of one of the five top teams in the Kansas State Fair Pony Pulling Contest.
Springdale Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Knapp celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary last Saturday by attending a dinner in Topeka that was sponsored by a seed corn company.
Reno Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Torneden attended the Torneden Family Reunion Sunday at the 4-H Bldg. In Lawrence.
Fairmount-Miss Judy Theno, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Theno was graduated Friday evening from Penn Valley Dental School at K.U. Medical Center.

50 years ago: October 27, 1949
The Country Socials Elmwood the Same, But Has Fluorescent Lights No by Ye Ed. Mrs. Virgil Morey corralled the Mrs., the Mrs. lassoed Ye Ed and we wound up Monday night at the social at Elmwood school. Everybody turned out from all around.
Births Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Hunter announce the birth of a son born Tuesday, October 25. They have named him Eddie Lynn; A girl, born October 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Clark of Los Angeles, California, has been named Deborah Lou; Mr. and Mrs. John J. Holton, Kansas City, Missouri, announce the adoption of a two and one-half month old baby boy named John Stephen.
A family reunion of the Quisenberry families was a happy occasion last Sunday when 53 relatives gathered at the Christian Church basement with a basket dinner at noon.
Death Mrs. Rosa Holey, aged 79 years, died Sunday night at her home in St. George, Kansas.
Harold Champion's IGA store has been redone during the past week, enlarged and redecorated and is now about the classiest place outside the better ones in New York and Kansas City.
Hazel Ridge Hazel Ridge School now has 17 pupils.
A plane crashed Tuesday near Weston, Mo., piloted by Edwin Berg, Leavenworth. In the plane with him was Arnold Asher, who lives on the Thistlethwaite farm. (Mr. Asher was killed in the plane crash.)

75 years ago: September 25, 1924
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Guy V. Dunlap, of Stanwood neighborhood, September 13, 1924.
More than 3,700 students registered at the University of Kansas for the fall semester this year, an increase of 200 over the enrollment of last year. (81 students were from Leavenworth County.)
F.J. Dessery suffered a painful injury a few days ago when pulling a nail and the head broke off hitting him in the left eye cutting the ball but fortunately not injuring the sight.
Last Friday afternoon Mrs. J. W. Evans; president of the Library Association entertained with a social afternoon in honor of her birthday anniversary.
Last Sunday the Pythian Sisters held their annual picnic at the Klan Park, with about fifty Pythian Sisters, Knights of Pythias and families present.
Dr. Mott brought Edwin Turner home Tuesday from the Memorial Hospital at Lawrence, where he underwent an operation for appendicitis a couple of weeks ago. He is recovering nicely.

100 years ago: October 5, 1899
Ackerland The schools of this vicinity are progressing finely under the guidance of the following teachers; Eagle, Ed Farrar; Eureka, Miss Mary Parsons; Brown, Miss Mamie Byron; Centennial, Miss Lola Powell; Star, Miss Ada Scripter.
Reno Ed Eideon, who has been sick for a week past, died at his home Tuesday morning of typhoid fever.
A second bank was started at our neighboring town Eudora last week, although that place has but half as many people as Tonganoxie.
Will Brown, baggage rustler at the Leavenworth union depot, was sent out here Saturday evening, by the superintendent of the L.K. & W. to get thirty men to work on the track at $1.40 per day. Will could not induce a one of his people to go and he says they ought to be roasted.

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