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Good locations and good eating

September 29, 1999

Among those attending Sonic's groundbreaking ceremony in Tonganoxie on Monday morning was Bill Williamson, Olathe, a supervising partner of the new fast-food restaurant.

Williamson said he had wanted to open a Sonic here four years ago, but didn't because someone else had first rights to the area then. Pleased with this particular site, Williamson said it would be interesting to see how being located across the street from a high school would affect business.

Charlie Krout, Olathe, a management partner for the Tonganoxie Sonic, said he was glad to be able to build here.

"It's an incredible opportunity and I know a lot of people from Tonganoxie and they've been hollering about this for a long time," Krout said. "You can't beat Sonic for fast food."

  • While we're talking about eating out, I must say that I appreciate the restaurants that are already in Tonganoxie.
    They cook up some great food and serve as popular meeting spots for those of us who like to visit with friends with a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, or for my favorite meal to eat out breakfast. As I recall, during the 1960s Ray Hunter seemed to be the restaurant baron of Tonganoxie, first with the A&W where Daniel's BBQ is now located, and in the late '60s where the Wander Inn can be found on East Fourth Street.

  • Tonganoxie's new web site,, is a dandy. Be sure to look it up. Our city's official internet address provides a wealth of information about our town. As Jim Morey, the site's creator, said, it will be an ongoing project, updated as things change.

  • This week's rains reminded us that we'd like to be in touch with a local person who keeps statistics on the weather. If you keep close tabs on the weather, please give us a call.

  • Just when things seemed to have settled down again after the popular and memorable visit of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall, last Friday afternoon a parade complete with two bands (junior high school and high school) marched up Fourth Street.
    What fun it was to be back in my own hometown, enjoying a homecoming parade that had so little changed since the last one I attended in 1970.

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