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Tonganoxie running ahead of census pack


April 5, 2000

Residents of Tonganoxie should give themselves a collective pat on the back.

According to a running tally that's maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau, 63 percent of Tonganoxie residents by Sunday had returned completed Census questionnaires. And Tonganoxie is leading other Leavenworth County cities: Linwood, 42 percent; Leavenworth, 60 percent; Lansing, 57 percent; Easton, 44 percent; and Basehor, 60 percent.

More than half of all Kansans 56 percent had responded to the 2000 Census as of Sunday. And across the United States, 53 percent of Americans had been counted.

If you're interested in tracking the response to the 2000 Census, point your Web browser to:

Although last Saturday was designated as Census Day, forms will be accepted for several more days. So residents of Tonganoxie and Southern Leavenworth County still have time be counted before census workers begin later this month to contact households that did not return a form. So if you've been counted, congratulations. And if you haven't been counted yet, hold up your hand. Let the federal government know you're here. It will make a difference in the amount of representation we'll all have in our government, and it will make a difference in the share of tax dollars we receive back from our government.

Make yourself count.

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