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Council OKs annexation of 2nd phase of Eagle Valley

April 12, 2000

The Eagle Valley subdivision in southern Tonganoxie is preparing for its second phase of development.

A petition for annexation was approved at the Tonganoxie City Council meeting Monday night.

The land annexed will provide another exit from the subdivision.

"Subdivisions are required to have at least two ways of exiting," Linda Zacher, city planner, said. "The original plans for the subdivision did not have one."

Now, the second exit will connect 12th Street Terrace to 12th Street.

Originally, Eagle Valley planned for 100 lots, which is the largest development that has gone into the city, Zacher said.

The area that was included in the petition is just south of 12th street, said Tim Keller, a Lawrence partner in Eagle Valley LLC, which owns the development. Eleven lots are included in this annexation.

A replat for the subdivision has not yet moved to the planning commission, but it is expected to go through once sewer and water connections meet the site council's specifications.

In the replat, the available lots will be larger. Most of the 65-foot-wide lots will increase to 75-foot-wide lots.

All but a few of the 61 lots from the first phase have been sold to builders.

The first phase included 20 duplex lots, 40 single-family lots and one commercial lot.

For the first phase, 34 building permits have been issued by the city for Eagle Valley.

Phase two will include 48 single-family lots.

"We are proceeding cautiously," Keller said. "We want to make sure there is sufficient demand for the lots before we proceed with the second phase. With the best-case scenario, the lots will be available around early fall, in August or September.

"We are really excited about Tonganoxie," he said. "There is still a question of how big the demand is. There are a lot of new projects. We just want to wait and see for now."

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