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The season may change but the fun never dies

August 2, 2000

High school fall sports are almost here again.

Bumps, sets, spikes, touchdowns and girls and boys running for a long time are all sights just around the corner.

Summer softball, baseball and T-ball are all behind us now. Fishing is slowing down, too.

So now we're at a still-point. It's a time to reflect on the season past, and look forward to highlights to come.

This summer several big fish were netted by Leavenworth County residents.

County rivers and lakes seemed to be full of huge catfish, and county residents were pulling them in left and right. Several fish weighing in at over 50 pounds were caught this summer. One even topped the 90-pound mark.

Some of these big fish were caught by children under the age of ten, proving that fish don't care if you're a 45year-old master fisherman or a 6-year-old girl. The only thing they care about is a free breakfast.

Also this summer, action at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds was electrifying. Tonganoxie little league ball clubs wooed crowds and finished the season champions.

Baseball team City Ford and softball team Sertomas proved almost unbeatable in the 11-12 age division.

City Ford went undefeated in its championship tournament run, beating its opponents by an average of nine runs a game.

Sertomas, which finished the season as co-champs and tournament runners-up, only lost three games all to a powerful Bonner Springs team. Sertomas did beat the team once, though.

One of the most remarkable performances of the summer was by 9-10 age division team, Leavenworth County Co-op.

Like City Ford, it went undefeated in its tournament, but the team had to show a lot of guts to win the championship game.

Down 6-1 late in its championship game against Lansing, Leavenworth County Co-op, pulled together for a six-run, late-game rally to win the game 7-6.

And these weren't the only teams that did well. All of the teams from Tonganoxie did a great job, and all had their own achievements.

Mostly though, all the teams were exciting to watch play. They have made it a great summer, and I'm looking forward to a great fall full of more keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat sports.

Several new coaches are changing the face of Tonganoxie High School sports.

The Volleyball team's new coach, Kelly Alexander, brings new energy to the team.

Last year's head coach, LeAnn Bond, broke her arm at the end of last season, but can be seen on the sidelines of ninth grade games this season, as she takes on the job of molding the skill of the future's varsity players as the team's freshman coach.

When Alexander took the job, she got a young team, made up of mostly sophomores and a powerful and experienced junior class.

Alexander coached four years at Turner High School in Kansas City, Kan.

Look for the girls to have a good season.

But look for the team to be outstanding the next year, when the experienced and talented young players are even more experienced and seasoned upper-classwomen

The football team, which has enjoyed very little success recently, hopes to return its glory days. With a commitment to success, discipline and team unity, new head coach Mark Elston and new assistant coach Don Elston, who played for the Chieftains during those glory days, hope to bring their experiences of success to a team badly in need of some.

All this added to a fall sports line-up featuring a powerful cross-country team, should make the fall an exciting one for Tonganoxie sports fans.

Only time will tell if this year is as successful as coaches think it can be, but I know this town, with its dedication to its youth, will be behind the teams every step of the way.

Go Chieftains!

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