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Plainsmen lose after struggling at the goal line

August 9, 2000

The Kansas Plainsmen dropped to 3-2 last weekend, losing to the Oklahoma Bad Boyz in a game in which the Plainsmen couldn't seem to score.

In the 34-6 loss, the Plainsmen made it inside the Oklahoma 20-yard line six times, but only converted once.

Coach John Howell said the team committed too many turnovers. The team fumbled the ball once and had two touchdown passes picked off in the first half.

The other turnovers came late in the game when the team was down by a sizable margin and forced to go for it on fourth downs instead kicking field goals.

"It was tough because we probably had 300 yards in the game but just didn't execute," Howell said. "We got in the red zone but didn't score."

But Plainsmen bad luck couldn't be entirely credited for the loss.

The Bad Boyz fielded a team of marquee players such as University of Oklahoma standout Jamielle Hollieway who won a college championship in 1985 and a 6-foot-4, 340 pound lineman who played a couple seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs.

But what it came down to was that the Plainsmen could move the ball, but just not far enough.

"The bottom line is their defense bent but it wouldn't break," Howell said.

The lone score for the Plainsmen was by quarterback Anthony Rainey in the second half when he ran in the option from 10 yards out.

So far, the Plainsmen defense has been carrying the team, and now it's time for the offense to have a breakthrough, Howell said.

"We're hoping to see the offense get itself turned around and continue to play good, strong defense," Howell said.

The team faces the Oklahoma Cougars at 7 p.m. Saturday in McLouth.

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