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Turnpike access vital to the county


August 9, 2000

Last week, the Kansas Department of Transportation announced plans for about $1 billion worth of road and highway improvements.

Not included on the list was a plan hatched by officials in Leavenworth and Jefferson counties to move U.S. Highway 24's route to the north, providing direct access from Tonganoxie to Perry.

Although some county officials might be disappointed that the plan did not receive KDOT's blessing, it appears the county has other road improvements that should be higher on the priority list.

Although the Kansas Turnpike passes through Leavenworth County, the residents of this county have no direct access to this important road. It's time that it does. And the ball is in the county's court.

Michael Johnston, president and chief executive officer of the Kansas Turnpike Authority, has made it clear that a turnpike interchange at Leavenworth County Road 1 would be welcome. The only caveat for the county: County Road 1 must be improved.

As with all businesses and let's face it, county government should operate as a business it's often important to invest for the future. And so it seems logical for Leavenworth County officials to acknowledge that an interchange on the turnpike at County Road 1 would be beneficial to the county.

Although it is in the southern portion of our county that growth is occurring at a rapid pace, It makes sense to commit to improving Leavenworth County Road 1 as an investment in the future for all of the county.

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