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Water district to turn off tap

August 9, 2000

Two rural water district patrons will be without water later this week.

On Thursday, the 165 patrons of Leavenworth County Rural Water District No. 6 west of Tonganoxie will be without water on Thursday as a firm cleans the district's 80-foot standpipe. The tower is near Kansas Highway 16 and Leavenworth County Road 90.

"We're going to clean it," said Florence Somers, secretary of the water board. "We've had some complaints of dirty water."

A tank-cleaning company will handle the job.

"They have to drain it and literally scrape and clean," Somers said. "I did hear word that the water will be turned off at 8 o'clock (Thursday morning), and they'll start filling the tower again at midnight. So it will be midnight before we all get turned back on."

Somers suggests that patrons fill their bathtubs with water before the shut-off, so they can operate their toilets. In addition, she suggests they fill containers with drinking water and they water livestock Wednesday night.

Some of the 660 patrons of Rural Water District No. 9 will be affected by work planned on Friday, according to water district manager Cathy Bowen.

"We're putting in a new pressure regulator," she said. "We're not expecting it to be all day, if everything goes well."

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