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Plainsmen fall to St. Louis after two unusual halves

August 16, 2000

The Kansas Plainsmen lost to the St. Louis Bulldogs last Saturday at McLouth in a game that featured a 2-point combined first half, followed by a 51-point explosion in the second half.

The Plainsmen lost 36-17.

Plainsmen Coach John Howell said that he was surprised by the sudden second half turn-around, and said much of the shift had to do with heat-induced fatigue and half-time adjustments.

During the first possession of the game, the Bulldogs drove the ball all the way down to the Plainsmen 3-yard line where the Kansas team recovered a fumble.

Unfortunately for the Plainsmen, running back Maurice Jones was immediately taken down four yards behind the line of scrimmage for a safety.

And that was the first half offense.

"The second half was a completely different ball game," Howell said.

But that wasn't obvious during the first drive of the second half.

The Plainsmen began the half on offense, and tried to get the momentum going their way early on when they drove the ball past mid-field and brought in place-kicker Scott Collins to punch in a 55-yard field goal.

"At that point I felt like we had the momentum," Howell said. "That was a massive kick."

It also was a low-scoring game. But that was about to change.

In the third quarter, St. Louis scored five touchdowns.

"The quarterback would be on the run and throw up a duck," Howell said. "The receivers just always seemed to be able to go up and get them, and they weren't great passes."

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