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A year of growth and change

August 23, 2000

It has been a year since the "new" Mirror arrived.

A year ago this month I was traipsing about the county gathering stories for our first edition. At that time, none of us had a desk or an office. In fact, we didn't have a newspaper, either.

I just knew that I'd been hired as news editor of The Mirror and that the sale of The Tonganoxie Mirror to WorldWest LLC, based in Lawrence, could possibly happen in late August or early September.

It caused no small degree of confusion as we gathered information for our stories. Some people we contacted for interviews were skeptical, to say the least.

"But we already have a newspaper in Tonganoxie," they'd say in so many words.

"Yes but," I'd begin, trying not to discuss the possible sale and yet trying to do my job.

Because we didn't have an office at that time, I'd write my stories at the Journal-World or at home and I'd e-mail them to my future address in cyberspace. In the process, I managed to lose three or four stories and had to rewrite them. But I was thankful to learn that stories always go together faster the second time around.

When we moved into our new office, staff members were writing stories as carpenters hung the ceiling tiles above our desks. Every minute counted, and we practically lived at the office during Labor Day weekend. Finally, on Sept. 8, our first issue rolled off the press. What a thrill it was to look out of our office window and see the looks on people's faces as they got their first look at the "new" Mirror.

And now, as I look back upon our first year at The Mirror I can only take a deep breath and say "Wow what a year it's been." So far, we've put out 51 papers and three special sections and none of us has yet used all of our vacation time. There's just always so much to do area activities and events to cover, and a new deadline cropping up every week. Usually, even before the current week's paper has gone to press we're talking about stories and photos for the next week's paper.

And so you can see, it's been a hard-working year. But also a wonderful year a year that has allowed all of us to become even better acquainted with Tonganoxie and other areas of Leavenworth County.

Throughout the year, residents from across the county have made suggestions for stories or photographs. When we follow up on these ideas, or at least keep their comments in mind for future stories, our readers become more, much more, than faces on a page or names in a story.

And that's the way we like it.

Yes it's been a good year, a year of learning, a year of activity and a year of change for the Mirror staff and readers.

And now this week, as I continue with my job as news editor, there's another transition in my life that I'm happy to share with our readers. Monday afternoon, Fred Scheller and I were married in a private ceremony at his home.

Fred and I realize all too well how swiftly life can be altered from one day to the next. And we've learned, as have most of you, that when we weather the storms and hold onto our faith, almost invariably, a better tomorrow arrives.

For my husband and for me, that day has arrived.

Meanwhile, as we at The Mirror prepare to celebrate our first-year anniversary, our goals are to continue in the face of massive growth and change in our community and to continue working together among ourselves and with our readers to positively reflect the past, present and future of Tonganoxie and southern Leavenworth County.

And may this be so for many years to come.

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