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What’s the message?

August 23, 2000

How many home buyers in Tonganoxie would survive if their house payments suddenly doubled? Well that is what the City Council just did to the downtown merchants Monday evening (Aug. 14)!

The original plan, and promise, to the merchants was to pay their portion of the new street project over a 20-year period. This plan was again confirmed by letter from the city dated Aug. 2, 2000. Now the city has reduced the merchants' payback period to 10 years!

This latest action by our City Council confirms just how out of touch they are with the needs and wishes of the people they represent! Of the merchants present at Monday night's council meeting, NOT ONE, voiced support of the 10-year payback plan! But in the end, their voices fell on deaf ears as Councilwoman Angell made the motion, which was seconded by Albert, to impose the 10-year payback plan on Fourth Street merchants. The vote was Angell, Albert, Graveman in favor; Hernandez and Usher opposed.

What is the message City Council is sending? That we need a pretty down town with empty buildings?

N. Jean Lenahan, Tonganoxie

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