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City paves way for work in Urban Hess

August 30, 2000

Development rules may still be an obstacle to overcome, but the Tonganoxie City Council is not giving up on the possibility of Superior Alloy Steel of Olathe moving into the Urban Hess Business Center.

After extensive and heated discussion at Monday nights council meeting, the city granted an appeal to the Leavenworth County Port Authority concerning Superiors move to the business park. The port authority was appealing recommendations made by the citys Site Review Committee.

The spirit and objective of the letter is to get a building permit, said Gary Carlson, who normally represents the port authority. He said he wasnt speaking on behalf of the group Monday night.

If the city cant issue a building permit and violate the zoning ordinance, then were at an impasse.

As the lengthy discussion unfolded, council members said they wanted to find a solution.

Lets get it going or dont do it at all, said Pat Albert, council member.

Council member Kathy Graveman made a motion to grant the port authoritys appeal. After hashing out wording of the motion, the council voted unanimously to grant the appeal.

The port authority offered to share the costs with the city of a stormwater drainage study for the undeveloped areas that the port authority owns in Urban Hess. The council agreed, but specifics of how the costs would be shared and how extensive the study will be must be worked out. Parking issues also must be finalized.

I understand that you cannot change the zoning ordinance tonight, Carlson said.

After upholding the appeal, the council directed the planning commission to hold hearings to consider amending a zoning ordinance concerned with parking in subdivisions.

The port authority plans to construct a 10,000-square-foot building in Urban Hess that Superior hopes to move into by February.

At this juncture, the city is trying to keep the port authority from moving its building to Leavenworth, as Carlson has threatened.

We do want to build and finish this park in Tonganoxie, Mayor John Franiuk said.

The city has been at odds with the Port Authority and Leavenworth Area Development and Franiuk said he was ready to put it to an end.

We keep giving lots of ammunition to shoot at each other, he said.

Bill Graveman, who is Kathy Gravemans husband and a site review committee member, said, Lets not treat LAD and the Port Authority as the devil.

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