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Downtown assessments

August 30, 2000

My husband and I just moved to Tonganoxie less than a month ago. One of the reasons we chose a home here was because of the obvious pride shown in your downtown. The new improvements, mostly occupied businesses, availability of services we considered essential, were factors considered. We come from rural backgrounds and are familiar with the contributions of small businesses to the vitality of the community.

We have lived the past 24 years in a city of 40,000 to 50,000 residents. We observed time and again how shortsighted decisions hurt small business and the towns economic development. (The mall and its franchised tenants have never brought the expected boon and certainly lacked the loyalty and dedication of the small-business owners, many of whom quit and gave up).

It was extremely disappointing to read Tonganoxies City Council may have acted in an insensitive manner to business people attending the council meeting on August 14. While I admit I was not in attendance and my information may have been unfairly slanted, I would hope the city council would rethink their decision to force business people to pay double assessments due to the desire to save interest by changing the time frame. Those details should have been considered before any improvements were made and once agreed on, faithfully executed as planned. It would seem the long-range effects on the ability of small businesses to survive in Tonganoxie would be a paramount concern to all. Someone appears to have dropped the ball on the grant application, a feasibility study, etc., when this project was in the planning stages. Credibility and integrity are hard virtues to reclaim. I hope both are in plentiful supply at the next council meeting.

Lynette Hayes, Tonganoxie

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