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Lutheran church plans expansion to Basehor area

August 30, 2000

Starting Sept. 10, the Tonganoxie-Basehor area will have a new church.

The Rev. Kevin Wilson, Leavenworth, senior pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Leavenworth, said long-term plans, at least at this point, include one church with two campuses one in Leavenworth and one in the Tonganoxie-Basehor area.

echnically, wel be one church,Wilson said. ee in the process of calling a pastor to serve in southern Leaven-worth County, so basically, hel be spending 80 percent of his time in the Tonganoxie-Basehor area.
In Leavenworth, Trinity Lutheran is at 2101 10th Ave., across from Leavenworth High School. In this area, church services will be held in the gymnasium of the new Glenwood Ridge Elementary School.

Wilson said he thinks the Glenwood Ridge services will be well-attended.

e had a number of families driving from Bonner Springs, Basehor and Tonganoxie,Wilson said. ut it hard to drive on Sundays and Wednesdays if youe 25 miles away.
Church officials, after discussing the matter and reviewing demographics, decided the Leavenworth church needed a new church or a second campus.

The Trinity congregation has 1,000 members. About 400 members attend church services in Leavenworth each Sunday. To accommodate members in the Leavenworth church sanctuary, which seats 160, the church sponsors a Saturday night service, as well as three Sunday services.

Church leaders considered expansion at the Leavenworth site.

ut wee landlocked,Wilson said.

And so, the long-term solution seems to be to build a second campus on U.S. Highway 24-40 between Basehor and Tonganoxie.

ur guess is that Basehor will grow to the west and Tonganoxie will grow to the east, and we think that Stranger Creek will be the dividing line between the two communities,Wilson said. o we want to be as close to Stranger as we can get and be on 24-40 Highway.
The church would like to purchase 20 to 40 acres within the next two years.

p to half of that land will be devoted to community use,Wilson said.

That means, he added, the church will consider community needs and try to fill in the gaps.

f there a need for a preschool or daycare, we can start that way,Wilson said. f there a need for a community center, we can start that way.
Services scheduled to begin Sept. 10 at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School include Sunday school and adult education classes at 9:30 a.m., and worship service at 11 a.m.

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