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A call to conclude election rancor


December 6, 2000

Although the 2000 presidential election has provided an interesting study in political science, it also has provided a sad study in political wrangling.

Whether Americans voted for George W. Bush or Al Gore -- or didn`t vote -- they deserve to have a president who can lead this nation for the next four years.

With all of the legal entanglements and with all of the bitter words traded between candidates and political parties during the past few weeks, the likelihood of having a strong president is waning.

It is understandable that both the vice president and the Texas governor wanted to ensure the accuracy of the election results. They and the American people deserve that.

But what Americans don`t deserve is a country further divided by inane bickering between attorneys and television pundits.

It`s now time for the discord to stop.

The citizens of this country should demand that the bickering end. The citizens of this country should demand that the ultimate victor be allowed to lead and that the ultimate loser be gracious in defeat.

Only then can the president get down to the business of effectively governing this country.

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