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Natural gas line nearly complete to subdivision

December 6, 2000

A new natural gas line in northeast Tonganoxie should come on line by the end of the month.

Once complete, about 9,000 feet of 8-inch steel gas lines will run from the Williams Gas Co. facility on Leaven-worth County Road 9 to U.S. Highway 40, east of Laming Road. Construction of Stone Creek residential development sparked the need for the new line, although other growth in the city also played a factor.

"I would think, by the first of the year, we would have it completely operational," said Sean Blair, project engineer for Kansas Gas Service. "We are probably going to find a way to get gas into that subdivision a little sooner."

Currently, new homes in the development are served by propane tanks, according to Art Hancock, one of the developers of Stone Creek. Once the new line is operational, the homes will be switched to natural gas, he said.

The Stone Creek developers paid for the $165,000 line. Hancock said the developers would receive $400 back for each connection made to the line.

"It`s going to provide extra volume and pressure for the rest of the town," he said.

The existing natural gas system was reaching capacity, Blair said.

"You guys seem to have a lot of growth going on in that corner of town," he said. "With the town growing as it has been, that`s become necessary. It will help with growth all over town."

Once South Park residential subdivision develops south of 24-40 highway, a six-inch line will extend under the highway, Blair said.

"It also has the ability to go east, if growth goes that way," he said. "It has the ability to serve the city of Tonganoxie for the foreseeable future. It has a lot of capacity. It`s hard to say how long because we`re initially going to operate it at a lower pressure.

"It is a long time away or a lot of growth before we would need anything additional. I expect to be retired, and I`m only 34. It really has a lot of capacity in it without having to build new lines."

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