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Payment system should help

December 6, 2000

Kansas has implemented a new payment processing system for child support, maintenance and other court-ordered support payments.

The Kansas Payment Center is a single processing point for all of these payment transactions, replacing more than 100 smaller county-based payment centers operated by clerks of district courts throughout the state of Kansas.

There are several reasons for establishing the one-stop Kansas Payment Center.

The U.S. Congress passed a law in 1996 that requires states to move to a single centralized method of processing child support payments.

This federal mandate helps the state of Kansas ensure the efficient and consistent disbursement of support and maintenance checks, and allows the recipients a coordinated method of tracking these types of payments.

Many non-custodial parents were finding ways to "slip through the cracks" of the old local systems.

It was often difficult for a county court employee to collect child support payments from an individual that moved from state to state.

Now, with statewide resources and interstate cooperation, we are better equipped to locate a parent who moves frequently or changes employers in hopes of evading child support payment obligations.

The Kansas Payment Center is designed to help ensure that the court-ordered transactions continue without interruption.

The Kansas Payment Center was developed with the help of individuals at the state Office of Judicial Administration as well as at the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

The transition to this single statewide center represents a change for these state agencies.

The change also affects district court clerks and employers who withhold and remit support payments on behalf of employees.

But the changes and adjustments will be worth the effort if they improve services to the individuals who receive support payments.

It is the goal of the Kansas Payment Center to offer first-rate customer service and provide consistent statewide performance levels.

If you make or receive support payments, or if you are involved in payroll deduction of support payments and have questions about any of your transactions, the Kansas Payment Center is ready to help you.

You can call the payment center toll-free, 1-877-KPC-KPCC, or you can access the Kansas payment center`s Web site at

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