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Salons planning merger

December 6, 2000

Lisa Tanking, owner of downtown Tonganoxie`s Salon Designs, is returning to her roots in hairstyling.

Her business and Susie`s Hair Fashions are merging, effective Jan. 1. The businesses will operate out of Susie`s Hair Fashions, 612 E. Fourth.

"I actually started my first six months in hairdressing at Susie`s," said Tanking, who`s owned Salon Designs for eight years.

That was about 14 years ago, when Tanking worked with her sister, Teresa Ditty. Six months later, the sisters moved to 521 E. Fourth.

"We came up here, and I`ve been here 14 years," Tanking said. "And now, I`m going back to Susie`s. I`m really excited about it."

And so is Susie Wiles, who has owned her salon since September 1974. Basically, Wiles said, Tanking and her stylists will rent booth space at Wiles` business.

"It`s a wonderful deal," Wiles said. "I am just thrilled myself. It`s great."

Bill Altman, president of the local Community National Bank branch, which owns Tanking`s building, said the space has not been rented.

Tanking ultimately purchased Salon Designs from her sister, who was killed in a traffic accident about three years ago. Now, she`s ready to leave ownership and management behind. She and her two stylists are looking forward to the move, she said.

"I`m very excited to still serve my clients and step down out of management," she said. "I see this being such a positive thing for all four people involved -- me, Susie and the other two stylists."

The change will provide Tanking with the opportunity to spend additional time in a new interest, real estate.

Leaving her salon took a lot of thought, and she sought input from her employees, her family -- and her sister`s family.

"I`m leaving a lot of memories," she said. "My sister truly taught me what I know in the beauty industry. I talked with her children when I made the decision. Her little 8-year-old told me, think it will be OK.`

"It is something I have been working on for some time, and it all just fell into place at the right time -- a new year, a new face, a new place."

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