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Sewer improvements could total $4.7 million

December 6, 2000

Tonganoxie`s sewer lines and plant need about $4.7 million worth of attention, according to the city engineer.

And he`s eager to work with city council members to devise a long-range plan to address problems.

Last Wednesday night, council members were to meet in a study session with engineer Cecil Kingsley and other experts in sewer systems. But only Janet Angell and Pat Albert attended the meeting.

"We`ve got some real important information to cover," Kingsley said.

So the group decided to talk about the sewer system at the council`s meeting next Monday night.

If Tonganoxie were to undertake all the work necessary on its sewer lines, it would cost more than $1.6 million.

In addition, Kingsley and other officials with his company have said the sewage treatment plant requires upgrades.

"It makes sense to figure out what your next project is and get a grant application together," said Kingsley of BG Engineering in Lawrence.

Federal money -- administered by the state -- is available for city sewer projects.

Kingsley said he`s concerned the state could place a moratorium on new hookups to the city`s sewer system, which would halt the city`s growth.

"I`m wanting to look ahead," he said. "You`d have to put a moratorium on development because you can`t treat sewage or you`ll have to pay $3 million in one fell swoop."

A November 1999 report on the city`s sewer plant recommended upgrades at the plant that would mean it could serve about 9,000 people -- at a $3.16 million cost.

"It is a year later, and it worries me every time we wait another year," Kingsley said.

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