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City council, school board filing deadline in six weeks

December 13, 2000

One Tonganoxie school board member and one city council member say they have no plans to seek re-election next spring.

The filing deadline for both the school board and city council is noon on Jan. 23.

David Hernandez, who's served on the Tonganoxie City Council for the past four years, doesn't plan to run again.

"I don't think I'll run," Hernandez said, citing time commitments. "But I think everyone should consider doing it."

School board member Bob Gepner said he and his family plan to move from the school district this summer, so he won't seek a second term.

"We need good people in there," he said. "I feel this has made me a better person, being associated with the people on the board, the administrators, the teachers. I think people would get a lot out of it if they would just associate with those people."

The two other school board members whose terms expire next year Phil Weide and Bob DeHoff plan to run again.

But Weide, who represents the city district, will run for the north district seat that Gepner is vacating because Weide has moved into that area.

"We have a very good board," Weide said. "Dr. Erickson does a great job. If we didn't have a great superintendent, our job would be really hard. If it weren't a good board I would not be running again."

DeHoff, who is board president, will run in the south district.

"I'm really interested in seeing that every child in our community gets the quality education that they deserve," he said. "This is the one way I've figured out I can help."

Kathy Graveman, who was appointed two years ago to the city council, said she hadn't decided whether to seek election.

"It's a time commitment more than anything," she said.

But veteran council member Ray Usher said he doesn't believe his work on the council is done.

"At this time, I'm planing on running again," said Usher, who has served two four-year terms on the council.

City council members are elected by a citywide vote to four-year terms. The terms of council members Pat Albert and Janet Angell, and Mayor John Franiuk will expire in 2003.

Like city council members, school board members are elected to four-year terms.

However, voters in school board elections vote for the candidates in their districts in the primary election only. In the general election, voters in the entire district can vote for any candidate, regardless of his or her district.

School board members whose terms expire in 2003 are the Rev. Rick Lamb, Terry Needham, Dr. Richard Dean and Ron Moore.

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