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Helping others brings sense of joy

December 13, 2000

The final month of the year always seems to be the busiest for me. Family commitments, holiday planning, getting ready for the legislative session and preparing the state budget all dominate the month of December.

Still, it's a time of the year I enjoy immensely. I am quick to count my blessings as the holidays approach, and I would hope everyone takes time to reflect on the positive things in their lives.

Too many of us take our good fortune for granted.

I return home each evening to a beautiful residence to enjoy a hot meal and the company of my family.

Others are not so fortunate. There are families and individuals who, for whatever reason, might need to rely on the help of others.

Each year since becoming governor of Kansas, I have participated with my staff in a local holiday "Adopt a Family" campaign.

A community service organization identifies a family that could benefit from some extra help during the holiday season. We then go to work buying gifts and groceries for a holiday meal to make sure our adopted family enjoys the spirit of the season. I am aware of many similar programs across our state, and I would encourage anyone to participate.

Of course, poverty is not a seasonal concern. Good people can run up against bad luck any time of the year. I ask Kansans to build upon the good will and holiday spirit of December, and stretch it throughout the year.

Many hard-working individuals and community service organizations dedicate their efforts to helping less fortunate neighbors all year long. Donations of money, time and moral support are always welcome.

I am impressed by the generosity of my fellow Kansans.

By sharing our own good fortune with others we ensure many Kansas families will have a happy holiday and a brighter new year.

Please consider doing what you can to help others less fortunate. You will feel better about yourself and you will be helping to make your community a better place to live.

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