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Area children write to Santa

December 20, 2000

Editor's note: The Mirror newspaper staff intercepted these letters that were mailed to Santa Claus. We passed them on, and they're on their way to the North Pole. The spellings and punctuation are original.

Dear Santa,

N64 for Christmas. A scooters with brikes. A toy dirt bike. A farm set. He's bene good. A goy foreweelr. I've bene good at school.

How are you Satna. I'm 6 years old. How many Elves do you have? And a ant farm.

I want everything. Love, Ethen.

Dear Santa,

How have you been this year? This Christmas I would like the movie Jack Frost. I would also like a stuffed animal horse. I would really like it if you could get me a lunchbox. I could really use a new stocking too. How is Mrs. Clause? Please tell her I said "hi."

I really really want a baby doll. If I'm really good could you get me a dry-erase board? I hope you like the cookie I left you. Tell the reindeer to have a good trip. Love, Denisse Flores.

P.S. Could you please slip a candy cane in my stocking?

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like a mickroscope, teloscope, remot control robot, sega game, and a playstation two for Christmas. Your friend, Sheldon, McLouth KS 66054, 25719. You're the best Santa Claus!

Dear Santa,

I would like a little sleigh for my brother, and colors and a coloring book. I would also like a thing that paints your fingernails. Have I been a good girl? Which reindeer do you like best? I like Rudolph. Have you ever got sick on Christmas and have had to send one of your elves? Get my brother a little car that he can drive around the driveway. Get Abby a reading book and get Casy and Chris a reading book too. Please get my mom a new TV and make it a big TV and I want a little horse to ride around the driveway. From, Shyanne Gergick.

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good girl this year. I would like to get for Christmas the following: Barbie camera, doll, Barbie remote car, Barbie candy. Please give other kids Megan included some toys that they want. Lots of love and kisses. Staci.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a dollhouse, a jack-in-the-box, slippers, and a Barbie. I have been good. My sister would like new slippers and my brother wants a CD. They have been good, too. Love, Alissa.

Dear Santa,

I want a baseball bat, a little car pack, a football, a new race car track, a new basketball, new cloths and a basketball goal. Love, Matthew Briggs.

Tre's Christmas list: a gameboy game with a gameboy packet, pokemon the movie 2000, a luige costme, pokemon the movie 2001, a pokemon stocking, an ash toy, a talking Luige, pokemon yahtzee and pokemon lightning.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I just want you to make sick or injerd pepol feel better. Love, Hayley W.

To Santa Claus,

I want a RAD 2.0 and a p.c. You are so cool. From DJ.

Dear Santa,

I hope you drink my milk and eat my cookie. I hope you have a good day with your elfs making my presents. Thank you for making my presents last Christmas. I love them and I love you. Will you please send me Mario Tennis Nintendo 64 game, Kirby Nintendo 64 game, commando central tent, fighting robots, domino's game. I hope you can bring a yarn ball for my nana so she can knit again. Please bring papa a new deck of cards so we can play together. Tony and Andrew sometimes are bad and sometimes they are good. I hope you still can bring them presents. Love, Thomas.

Dear Santa,

I want a basketball goal. And a sled, Barbie steering wheel. I will take a new swing set and trampoline please. A CD player and some CDs. Like Brittany Spears and LeAnn Rimes. I would want you to bring my sissy a kick and play toy. Her name is Marissa. Maybe some rattles and new cloths and a new dress for pictures. How about a movie.

Courtney Lynne Bunch.

Daer Santa,

I want a bike and a ntedo sixtyfour and a mxstel Clakesen and a dirt bike co tel toy and pokemon cards. I've been good. I almost say my prayers and going to school every day. And a little bit of good grades. Santa how have you been? And my toys are going to be under the tree, right? By David Lee.

Dear Santa,

I have been good! And real nice! I'm 4 years old. I would like a Barbie and a whole bunch of toys. Please. Thank you. Paige Peel.

Dear Santa,

This is Eric Kelly Tate, in Tonganoxie KS. I have been a very good boy this year. Please bring me these toys. A hot wheels highway patrol race set, horse and cowboy set, Lego's monster truck, hot wheels haulers, a new bike. Thank you. Eric T.

To Santa. From Randi Mills. Makeup center, synthetic wig comes with 12 jeweled stars.

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Santa Claus? I hope you have a merry chrismas! Here is a list of things that I would like for Christmas. A growing baby, a purple sled, a Nintendo 64, a disko-light, a computer game and something for Buger, some bones for shorty, a necklace for mommy and a tool set for daddy. Have a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year. Love, Cory.

Dear Santa,

I have been good, but other times I haven't been that good. I want a scooter, a lava lamp. Playstation 2 and a motorcycle CD that goes with the playstation 2 and the game Tarza CD that goes with the playstation, toy story 2 that goes with Nintendo. I will try to act nicer to my family especially Derek. Love, Zack Parrett.

Dear Santa,

Could I please have these toys for Christmas?

1. BSB Black and Blue

2. Briteny Spears Ooops I did it again

3. Beanie Baby Halo II

4. Radio Shake Hound Droid

5. Lava lamp

6. Chia pet of Tweety

7. personal CD player

Love, Rachel Coleman

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I would like some bellbottoms, a walkman, some shirts, some cd's for by cd player, some new tennisshoes, the Grinch movie, an art set, some overalls, some necklaces, really good grades on my next report card, new earings, a new bookbag, an a new coat. I am seven years old. I want to play soccer and T-ball. When I grow up I want to be a teacher. Your Biggest Fan, Montana Walters

Dear Santa,

I have been good. I whunt rugrats in Parks and 102 dalmations, art supplies, easy books. I would like goldfish and jelpins. And socks and basketball. By Eva Drennan

Dear Santa,

I would like a bike. And a doll and diapers for my baby. I would like to spend some time with my mom and dad. I love you. And I don't need lots of things, cause I have some stuff at home. Because last night I went somewhere and I got a lot of presents and one of the things I got was two dresses and a cradle set and four books. A two Barbie sets, one with a bathroom and a refrigerator. Love, Kathryn Patchen

Dear Santa,

May I please have these things for Christmas:

1. puppy magic

2. Mew vs. Mewtwo (the movie)

3. prayer bear

4. Bop-it

5. The big Beanie Baby named "Batty"

6. Radio Shack "Hound Droid"

7. furry slippers that look like a dalmation

8. a watch that shows Nsync

Love, Hannah Coleman

Dear Santa,

I want carmels, pokeman cards, bank, bubble gum, game boy, 4-wheeler, bean bag, pillow.

Clayton Himpel

Dear Santa,

How many hours and minutes do you get? Do you like our Christmas tree? Do you like cookies and milk?

Barbie computer

Barbie Cash Register

Briteny Spears CD

And player and tape player

Puppy magic

Love, Taylor Clark

Dear Santa,

I wanted to know how bussy you are the night before Christmas. And what are the names of the reindeer that's going to pull your sleigh this year? Here are some of the things I want for Christmas: More trains, a Nitendo 64, a motor cycle, all of the Starwar legos. I don't have a workbench and Pokemon cards. Sincerely, Colton Young.

Dear Santa,

I would like legos, coloring tatos, ssf notebooks, all batman toys, all power rangers, all light pseed recues, pokemon cards, a traper with a pokemon on it, scooter with red wheels and handlebars, a batmobile and can I see you for real? And can I go to the northpole with you? From: Torrey Brown

Dear Santa,

I no that I havent been perfect but I have been trying hard to be nice to my brother. I will see you soon. Love, Gage

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope you have a good Christmas. Is your sleigh shiny red? May I please go for a ride in your sleigh? I would like these things for Christmas: I would like a puppy, a saddle and a Nintendo. Love, Haley Ford

Dear Santa,

I like your reindeer. I have been a good girl and I am especially hoping for the following things this year for Christmas: Disney Magic Kingdom Playset, Barbie Rock 'N Roll Radio House, Cool Clips Barbie. My dog, Shadow, has been good too (when she is not chasing cars) and I hope that you will bring her some dog treats for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Santa! Love, Shelby Pitts, 6 years old, Tonganoxie KS.


I wont a hailcaopter, not a real hailacopter, and a bibgun, more pokemon card, pogo skik, poekemon monnolpiy, cd of pokemon the moves, skatboard. Your friend, Chance Hopkins

Dear Santa,

How are you and the reindeer? My name is Kaylee Trieb and here is my Christmas list. I would like a baby doll big a baby house and please take toys to kids who don't have very many. Santa I will leave you applejuice and cookeis. I will also leave Rudolph some carrots! Be careful. Love, Kaylee

Dear Santa,

I want a Barbie beach bunglo and a generation high school From Taylor Len Lawson. PS: And a new scooter.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year. Could you please bring me a game boy color, ninja turtles and a transformer. Thank you Santa. Be careful. Merry Christmas! Love, Conner

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year. Could you please bring me a mermaid Barbie and a unicorn! Thank you Santa. Merry Christmas. Love, Brenna

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this summer. I really wish I can get this huge gray monster truck, Barbie CD, Tyco dirt bikes. Reed.

Dear Santa,

I have been really really good and I want a mermaid doll that's at Wal-Mart. Thank you. I hope you are doing well and your wife and reindeer. I am feeling good from my chicken pox. I hope your elves are feeling good. And please help my cousin Alex feel good because she caught the chicken pox from me. Thank you for listening. Love, P.J. Conroy

Dear Santa,

I've been pretty good in my life, evan thow I once toys just ten. Sorry I've been bad and, I want a play stashon 2, I want letter binder, I want laptop, I defanlety want Pokyman Grabber ball, I want a gold plated card, I denetly want Coler game boy, I want for my Nento too, Toney Hawk Pro Skater 2. Sercerly, Jesse Kaighin

Dear Santa,

These are questions I want you to anwer. Am I on the naughty or nice list? How are you? These are some items that I want. baby doll, computer, CD-ROM's, tape player, tapes, telephone, games, teddy bear with a bow, posters, mini notebook, gold fish, fish bowl, lunchbox, basketball, air pump, glue stick, markers, dry erase board, hair spray, pony-tails, Monopely. Sincerely, Amanda Herbert

Dear Sant, I would really like some new digimon cards, and a new scooter. and I really really whant a bunny. and please give me a fourwheeler. I would like a cumputer. I have really been good in school and at home. I think school is fun. I played Teeball last year. Love, Austin Younkin

Dear Santa,

I want to know how old you are. I also wants to know what you've been doing? This is what I want for Christmas: I want a for wheeler, I also whants the game Pokemon stadium for Nintindo 64. I also wants a puppy downmation. Hea? also wants to be scietest that is extremly rich, You will have to give me the money. I also wants some tenoshoes that turn into skates. I also wants a telephone that changes voices. I also want a snowmobile. love Dylan Jacobs

Dear Santa,

I want a Cd player mnnm. How are you doing. How do you get in my house. A play stayshone. I want base ball stuf. I want game's. I want a bat. I have ben good. I have fun. From Tyler

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I've been a good boy this year, if you think so heres a list I would like for Christmas, a dirt bike, scooter, toy cars, a toy truck, magic cards, Nintendo 64 with some games and coltrok, and a bord came. If you can get me a lot of this stuff I would apreshit it. Love, Amos White

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like: A pokemon pencil, A baby doll that's name is "Jennafier," A lunchbox with Santa Claus on it, A play dog that is a poodle and is stuffed, A play cash register. How are you doing Santa? I doing great! That will be all the toys on the list. That will be all Thank You! Love, Bobbi Jo Lindsay

Dear Santa,

I want a train with smoke. Love, Dylan Hauflen

Katie's List

Rabit, Crockledieletoy, DellfiN, Panda (giant) , Duck toy, Cat toy, Cow toy, Cooking set with BBQ, Toy Unicorn, Gray and white rabiit like Henry, Tweetie (giant), Zebra toy, Giraffe, Goat, Big floppy dog (brown), Car toy (squishy), Micky and Minnie, Barbie horse (white)

My Christmas list

Yo! Santa, I hope that the reigndeer are doin' ok over there wherever you live. Her is a list of items that I (and my cats) would like to receive for Christmas.

Video games

Super Mario RPG (for snes), Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (for snes)


Pokemon booster pack (Gym Heroes), Star Wars booster pack (Death Star two)

I would also like any new cat beanie baby. I know I didn't ask for much but you can give me whatever you like after that. Tracy

My Cats' Christmas list

My cats say: Mew mew meow mew mew. (Seasons greetings to you.) Mew mew meow mew mew mew. (We want the items shown below.) Meow mew mrowl mew mew. (We have been good this year.)


Catnip mice (enough for 6 cats), Catnip balls (enough balls for 7 cats), Extra catnip


Friskies brand canned catfood (enough for 5 cats), Special Kitty brand cat treats.

Scooter, Inky, Misty, Dusty, Billy, Cyrus and Bo

Cyrus died on the 7th.

Dear Santa Claus,

Mom and Dad think I've been pretty good this year, so far. This is the 1st Christmas I've written to you. I am 2 years old. I would like to have for Christmas:

New car, presents (what Will decided on his own), Christmas tree, ginger bread men, furry black monster puppet, Peter Pan movie, Clothes for Pooh, Candy canes. Thank you very much. I'll wait for you. From, Will Smith.

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