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Young writer reminds us to think of others


December 20, 2000

Amid all of the notes and letters that area children mailed from the Tonganoxie post office to Santa Claus, a few stood apart.

One, in particular, struck a chord.

It was a short, but wonderful request, written in pencil by a Tonganoxie girl. And it should touch even the most cynical of hearts.

Among all of the requests for Nintendo 64 players, Pokemon cards, doll babies and Barbie dolls was a letter written on a plain white sheet of paper. It was addressed to Santa Claus, Santa Street, North Pole, U.S.A., 24025.

It said:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I just want you to make sick or injerd pepol feel better.


Hayley W.

What a wonderful letter.

"I was really surprised by it," said Hayley's mother, Kim.

That's especially true because no one who is particularly close to the 9-year-old is ill or hurt.

"At night we would pray for different people who are going through different illnesses," Kim Wheeler said.

Her mother was pleased by what her daughter had written.

"You always kind of question, are we really passing on the right principles, focusing on character instead of achievement," Kim Wheeler said. "That was really confirmation of that."

This selfless request to Santa from a child serves to remind us about the true meaning of Christmas. This 9-year-old's letter should lead us to thoughts about others, deflecting thoughts about ourselves.

Hayley's thoughts are in the best place possible this Christmas. We all could learn a lesson from her.

We hope that Hayley's Christmas wish to Santa comes true for her, and for all who share her wish.

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