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Students in McLouth spread holiday cheer to six families

December 27, 2000

McLouth Elementary School students went the extra mile to share good tidings with area residents this year.

Vickie Feuerborn, school counselor, said students in grades kindergarten through fifth adopted six families for the holidays.

"It's been really neat the way the students and their families have come through in giving the gifts," Feuerborn said. "We've even had some kids who gave their allowance to be used to buy a gift."

This all started last year when the school's second-graders adopted a family.

"It was such a success that we decided to do it throughout the school this year," she said.

Family names were suggested by area churches and organizations. Students were told the age, gender and some of the needs and wants of family members.

And then, instead of bringing a gift for their classroom teachers, the students were asked to bring a gift for the adopted families.

Last Thursday, while Christmas elves throughout the school wrapped presents and put them in boxes, first-grade students in the class of Natalie Frese sat down and wrote essays in which they considered how the adopted families would feel on Christmas morning.

Frese brought their comments, exactly as the students penned them, to share with readers of The Mirror:

Jesse Harrah: When the family opins the presents they will have a smile.

Shelbie Coleman: On Christmas the family we bought presents for will be happy.

Peyton Lash: At school we brot presents for pepell and I think that pepell will be happy be cus they have presents.

Steven Peters: My prediction is the family will be happy and I will be happy to because we all brought a gift.

Elizabeth Carey: They will be happey because they will lik the presents.

Tyler Riedesel: My prediction is that they will open all of the presents in one sekint.

Emily Williamson: One day we gave presents and thay were excited to have stuff they were happy.

Shawn Dailey: On Christmas the family will be happy and I will to.

Brett McMackin: I hope that the family will feel good on Christmas.

Tyler Wayman: They will be 100 happe and they will be 2000 hape.

Audrey Lamborn: On Monday, December 25, 2000 is Christmas and this family does not get a lot of presents so we have brot presents for that family and I hope they are very exsited too.

Morgan Drinnon: All of the first grade got wonderful presents. I hope the famliy has a merry Christmas because tha diserve it a lot more than we do. All of the first graders got lots of gifts for them. I hope we will have a good Christmas and they will have a good Christmas too. I hope tha have a tree and Christmas lites I hope tha have a good house to. I hope tha have a beautiful baby. I hope tha will like the presents that we gave them.

Jade Patterson: I hope that they will be hapy. That they would be hapy about there presents will like the presents that we gave to them for Christmas. Have a happy Christmas to you.

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