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Observations on wintry days

February 2, 2000

The art of shoveling snow has been taken to a new height. The duplex under construction shown on page 1A, has more rafters on it now than it does in the photograph, which was taken last week. But they weren't enough to keep out the weekend snowfall.

Monday noon, a construction worker could be seen on the second story, scooping up the snow with a snow shovel and tossing it over the edge.

It made me realize that every profession has its special challenges when it comes to dealing with the weather.

Last Thursday, we took a rare moment from the office together to attend the soup and chili luncheon at the Congregational Church. How nice it was, on that cold and cloudy afternoon, to enter the warmth of the church basement and to find lunch ready for sharing. As evidenced by the huge pots of chili and chicken noodle soup simmering on the kitchen stovetops, as well as the many tables packed with diners, we surmised that this event must be a popular annual affair, and a delicious one at that.

The children at Tonganoxie Elementary School have been busy participating in the Acts of Kindness and Justice program in memory of Martin Luther King. Children receive certificates for good deeds that their teachers notice them doing, and at the end of the time period, the number of certificates handed out goes on a national Website.

Lessons learned among peers are sometimes lessons most remembered, and the children themselves seemed excited about the project.

Perhaps fourth-grader Kelsy Conrad best summed up her reaction to the program when she said that she learned that when people are nice they make more friends. She added, "It's funner being nice than being grouchy all the time."

Pat Walker, school counselor, said she hopes to continue this program next year and expand it out into the community.

Tonganoxie Elementary School is looking for adults to help celebrate "Read Across America" on March 2. This year the nationwide event will celebrate the birthday of Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. If you would like to help read a story to one of the classes, call the school at 845-2290.

Now's the time to plan ahead for taking out your Valentine's classified advertisements to send those special messages to someone you love. To reserve your space, call The Mirror at 845-2222.

Friday night's high school band and vocal music fund-raiser was a big success. Gordon Lankenau, director of the Heart of America Barbershop Chorus, said about 255 guests attend the event.

"It was really a pretty good turnout, considering what the weather was like," Lankenau said.

About 45 members of the barbershop chorus braved the snow and ice to entertain. Most of them had traveled from all across the Kansas City metropolitan area.

"I was pleased with everything," Lankenau said. "It was our first time out for a dinner such as that. I thought the kids did an exceptionally good job."

Lankenau said the proceeds, about $1,200, will be added to the fund for the band and vocal group's trip to Colorado, scheduled for May 2001.

Kansas Day was celebrated in style at Tonganoxie Elementary last Friday. Throughout the school, sunflowers and other Kansas symbols were in abandon. Thank you to the Mrs. Wedel's kindergarten class for giving us an early look at their Kansas birthday cake.

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