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Rumor circulates through town about project on fourth street

February 9, 2000

When workers on the Fourth Street project left the job for several days, the rumor started flying.

It went something like this: A woman who has a daughter with a handicap has filed a complaint over the project with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which in turn came to Tonganoxie and shut down the project.

The rumor came in various forms, depending on who was telling it. But the bottom line was that OSHA had halted the project.

But it was just a rumor, city officials say.

"For a time they weren't here," said Chris Eppley, city administrator. "The weather became too inclement for them to work. Concrete, although it can be poured in cold weather, there are precautions that need to be taken if you're going to do that. It's not an effective way to work in that medium. Rightfully so, they chose not to compromise the integrity of the project by pouring in excessively cold weather."

Eppley said he has no idea where the rumor originated.

"If people do have questions, at the very least they can ask somebody with the city first so they get accurate information," he said. "We will try to do a better job of getting information out."

The Mirror staff checked out the rumor with OSHA, but determined the rumor had no substance.

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